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   22/9/2016: Agenda Esportiva


Specific rules about using sports equipaments.


Rules of use of the Swimming Pool facilities:
The entry is not allowed with footwear and cloth of street
from the locker rooms.
It is compulsory to have a shower before entering into the swimming pool.
It is forbidden of eating and smoking in all the installation, except in
the zone of the bar.
It is necessary to use the wastepaper baskets placed for all the
Swimming pool utilization:
The spaces and the activities that are carried out have to be respected.
You have to place in the street suitable to the activity which
you want to make.
Consult to the lifeguards.
In the streets of free use you have to swim always circulating for your
Do not cross through the middle from the streets.

Do not make a bad utilization of the cork oaks.
It is prohibited to move, to call or to carry out any type of behavior that alters the order in the installation.
It is necessary to make case of the indications and pieces of advice of the staff of the swimming pool for a better functioning and security.
The staff of the installation reserves himself the right of expelling to any user who does not fulfill these rules.
SHOWERSIt is advised to have a shower with soap after going out of the water.
Glass bottles do not have to be used.
It is necessary to have a shower the strictly necessary time.

It is recommended by design of construction of the installation to have a shower with the swimsuit.
Make a first dry in the zone of showers for avoiding to enter a lot of water into the locker rooms.
TICKET OFFICESThe shoes have to be kept in the ticket office with a plastic bag.
The ticket offices of free use he have to leave empty once finished the activity.
It is necessary to handle the locks and keys of the take offices with a lot of care.
In the event of loss of nail or problems with the lock, it is necessary to the staff of the entry to warn.
SAUNADry sauna at a temperature half of 80 degrees.
It is necessary to have a shower with hot water and to dry itself well before entering in the sauna.
Time of stay in the sauna: 2 period with a maximum of 10 minutes each.
Use a bath towel for sitting in the sauna.


To sense the effects of the sauna more, it is advisable to carry it out once a week.
The installation does not allow to carry out the session of sauna naked, you use swimsuit like this.
Avoid to bring metallic objects during the session since they could burn to you.
Contra indication for: Arterial hypotension, cardiovascular illnesses, varicose veins, pregnancy and cardiac illnesses. After eating and of drinking alcoholic drinks.

Recommended for: Chronic rheumatism, nervous, asthmatic, bronchitic disorders and smokers.
Remember from a certain age, it being convenient that the doctor authorizes you to making the sessions of sauna.
It is compulsory to make the sessions of sauna accompanied of another person.


Rules you specify football field, track of athelitics and municipal pavillon.

That the minors of 16 years will not be able to use the facilities if they do not access accompanied by an adult person, who will be responsible that the rules specific to each space are fulfilled.
Always using the wardrobes it stops to change itself it steals, given that it is not allowed to change itself| in any place more.
Communicating immediately the persons responsible of the facilities (doorkeeper) any damage.
Changing of shoes and to use only exclusive footwear and the corresponding one for the sport activity to use, as well as also to bring the sport cloth. It is not it will be able to make any physical activity with the cloth of the street.

Respect the rest of the users at all times.
You have the maximum with respect to all elements of of facilities: making you of the wastepaper baskets, you respect the furniture and the materials of you collective, etc.
That the public, viewer, visitor or escort access to the spaces that it is assigned them using the specific accesses.
One time it starts the intercatkin or the official match the sportsmen are subjected to the discipline or internal regime of the sport entity in question, applied by the coach or representative of the entity.


It is not it allows.
Smoking, food or drink in all the precinct of the installation, excluding the authorized zones.
Not entering on the track of game or in the spaces being destined to the sportsmen, to exception that the person responsible of of installation itallows it.
The entry of animals, excluding the special cases, how his the seeing eye dogs it stops blind.
Inducing to bring objects of glass or any other material that it is to the flights of steps it undoes.
Entering into the track or football field in other members of team, if the coach or the responsible person is not of the entity and of the corresponding team.
Playing in any space of of installation that is not expressly destined to making it, that is, on the track or in the football field.

Him to recommend.
When it is wanted to pioneer a sport activity, to spend a revision medical to discard any risk.
Not to eat two hours before making any activity physical.
Not to leave any personal effect in the locker rooms, in any dependence from the installation, any more in the event of loss, and to the person responsible of of installation it is not it makes charge.

Priority actions if need be.


1- Reception of the warning, for way of activation or for way of detector automatic or for the person that it finds in in the installation.
2- Check of the warning in the event of reception of the signal of activation of the detector.
3- Warning to the group of corresponding emergency.
4- Communication of the order of evacuation through the public address system (not to use this means in the event of emergency provoked by an access of gauging) or half the activation of alarm.

5-Warning completely responsible of the present sport installation in that moment in the sport center Or locating it for briefing it of the emergency.
6- Evacuation of all dependences where there is public.
7- To help to evacuating to the persons with reduced mobility.
8- Check of the whole of the evacuation of all dependences. of installation and communication to the person responsible of installation or after the group of emergency.



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